Velux Window Cleaning

  • Using the reach and wash water fed pole system for cleaning windows I can clean those hard to reach Velux and Loft Roof Windows. The water fed pole allows me to clean external windows on multiple floors, providing customers with massive savings, as well as additional safety benefits too. 

    Water fed pole systems allow high windows to be cleaned by extending a carbon fibre pole to the required height, with purified water being pumped through the pole directly onto the surface that needs cleaning. You will notice a soft fibre brush is fitted to the end of the water fed pole, this is used to break up any dirt on the surface which is finally rinsed away.

    The main reason the water fed pole method leaves windows smear-free and gleaming is that all of the impurities have been taken out of the water supply, so when the purified water has dried out there are no minerals left behind to mark your windows.