Solar Panel Cleaning

  • Solar Panel Cleaning Improves Energy Output & Efficiency

  • If you want to keep up the best output from your solar panels, and thus get the best value for money, and faster return on your investment then you will need to keep your panels clean.

    Just like your windows, solar panels get dirty from the general grime in the air, minerals and salts in the rain water, bird droppings, spiders webs etc. These all cut down on the level of sun that gets through to your solar panels, and they all need to be cleaned off. Elite Window Cleaning Services offers a Solar Panel cleaning service for homes and businesses. I use a proven, solar panel cleaning system that is gentle on solar panels yet effective at removing the dirt and grime that cuts down the sun's rays reaching the elements in your solar panels.

  • Handle Solar Panel Cleaning With Care

  • Solar panel surfaces are delicate, and need treating with care. That’s why I don’t use harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners to clean your solar panels. We use an environmentally friendly, gentle but effective cleaning process. My solar panel cleaning method uses de-ionised water, and a soft, scratch free, cleaning head designed especially for solar panel cleaning. This cleaning system is both effective at cleaning, and at the same time treating your delicate solar panel surfaces with the care they need.