• How to Clean Conservatory Roof

    5th December 2017 | Blog
  • You’re very lucky if you have your own conservatory at your home. But, if you’re one of the lucky people who can enjoy a cup of coffee in your own conservatory, there are probably things that bother you.

    One of them should be exactly how to remove that dusty and leafy stain out of your conservatory roof. It is incredibly difficult to clean, but you may still want to try to do it by yourself. This is why we are keen on sharing a simple procedure on cleaning the conservatory roof.

    If done the right way you will achieve some great results!

    Being safe should be your main priority. Before attempting any window cleaning job that involves heights, you should always have the proper equipment.

    Equipment for Safety Measures

    • Helmet;
    • Working gloves;
    • Never step on the roof or on fragile surfaces!

    You may move on to the actual cleaning preparation. There are two ways you can attempt to clean your conservatory roof. One of them is including a fed pole and the other one is including a ladder.

    Professional conservatory cleaners suggest you use a ladder only if there is a concrete wall to secure it on. Do not attempt using a ladder with only glass surfaces, as they are fragile and the situation may go terribly wrong.

    Using the fed pole is the best option, as it is on the safer side! In most cases you are on the ground and there are no heights involved. So, in the section with the tools you are going to need we will include all of the tools you may need, both for the ladder-including way and for the non-ladder one.

    Tools you need

    • A ladder;
    • A bucket;
    • Conservatory roof cleaning fluid;
    • Telescopic cleaner with squeegee;
    • A brush to attach on the other side of the telescopic pole;
    • PVC cleaner – for the framing.

    Once you’ve gathered all the tools you may move on to the actual cleaning of the roof. We will go through the process by listing the main steps you should take.Remember safety should always come first, so if you are afraid you won’t be able to clean the conservatory roof by yourself, you better call us to take care of the task. If you’ve decided to dive in and show your cleaning skills – this easy-to-follow guide on how to clean conservatory roof is for you!

    How to Clean Conservatory Roof Glass

    how to clean conservatory roof glass

    1. Fill in your bucket with lukewarm water, but don’t overfill it. You want to minimize the chance of spilling, so fill it to the middle of the bucket.
    2. Put some of the conservatory cleaning solutions into the water. On the box of the detergent you may find instructions what exactly amount to put in and how many litres of water you will need. Follow the instructions for best results! Have in mind that if you put too much or less of the detergent you probably won’t achieve the desired effect.
    3. Set your telescopic pole. Attach both the squeegee and the brush on both of the sides of the telescopic pole.
    4. Place the ladder at the appropriate side of the conservatory. (If you’re going to use one)
    5. Put your helmet on.
    6. Dip the brush side of the telescopic pole into the bucket.
    7. Climb the ladder (or if you’re using long enough telescopic pole skip the ladder) and gently brush the window surface.
    8. Switch into using the squeegee (After you’ve brushed the surface). Swipe away the foam starting from one side reaching the other side.
    9. Repeat the 8th step until the surface is free of foam.
    10. Repeat the step if there are stubborn spots.
    11. Place the ladder on a suitable place and repeat the step (After you’re done with the first part of the surfaces).
    12. Change the water in the bucket and re-fill with detergent after a few cleanses. Otherwise, if the soapy water gets dirty you will transfer the dirt onto the window surface.
    13. Clean the frames. If you have purchased a PVC cleaner for the frames we suggest you clean them when you’re done with the windows.
    14. Use either a cloth or a suitable cleaning tool depending on the type of PVC cleaning solution.
    15. Let your windows air-dry for best results.

    A Few Tips for Advanced Specialists

    • Avoid cleaning the roof when the sun is very bright, because they will dry too quick and there may be some water drop marks left.
    • Always make sure the tools and detergents you use are meant for windows.
    • Do not use baking soda as it is abrasive and it will damage the window surface.
    • Do not attempt cleaning the conservatory roof in rainy days.
    • The best time to clean the conservatory roof is in the afternoon because the sun is not at it’s brightest but there is still natural light.